Let us make your dreams a reality.

We’re a few dozen guys striving for perfection.  Pro-Tech Services of Northwest Florida is a privately owned company with tremendous experience in professional sound and lighting installation and live show/event production. Pro-Tech provides services to clients throughout the Southeast, primarily in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia.  We appreciate every customer, and you’ll see that in our work. We appreciate constructive criticism,  work hard to stay trained, and we’ll never stop striving to stay ahead of the competition. Customer satisfaction is key. We have never had to take down a system we installed for poor performance, and we have never blown a show. Ever.

Every day, we strive to stay on the leading edge of design, operation, and installation of the highest quality sound and lighting systems in the industry. We truly are deeply committed to providing you with the absolute best service, equipment and performance for your dollar. We do this while maintaining a higher standard code of ethics than most businesses in today’s fast-paced environments. And we’re serious about that.

We have the right combination of size, education, and experience to offer big-city system professionalism and technical prowess while operating with the integrity and honesty of smaller, ‘craftsmen’ style companies.


With over 25-years in the service business, and key staff members with many more years of engineering experience, we have the requisite experience and the portfolio to prove we know our stuff. Major hardware audio and lighting suppliers have reviewed our capabilities and recognize us as leaders in our field. Many of our projects involve very difficult constraints, but dealing with these issues and tight project schedules have become the trademark of our success.

Project Methodology

The success of a project — be it a sound system installation, a lighting array, or pulling off a major concert or event — depends on the talent of the design team and the execution of the work. We first provide a strong project team, then back them up with a well-defined and proven project execution methodology. Our project methodology begins with our proposal document and extends through the design sequence, system testing, and to the final delivery or installation of your system. The key is communication. We strongly believe in defining what we are providing and expanding this initial definition as the project continues. We do not skip this first crucial step that most do.


Our vast experience is the key to building better designs. Consider this experience we have in audio…

Our extensive nightclub light and audio installation and maintenance experience has taught us to build the most reliable systems ever. The connectors, the product choices, the wiring schemes, and overall system designs must perform, hard, 10 hours a night. You fail anywhere here, and the party’s over!

Our extensive House of Worship study brought us to TEF, CADP2, EASE, and SYN AUD CON, and required us to learn how to fly equipment precisely, and to industry standards. This is where milliseconds count! Making systems have new levels of intelligibility is a whole new challenge, especially in difficult acoustic environments.

Our critical Concert Touring & Event Production system design and experience has taught us how to make systems become musically excellent. Yes, we use test equipment, but here is where the ears and eyes are the final gauge of performance. When it counts, your system must truly perform on the first verse, and, oh…in the rain and wind. No excuses.  You fail anywhere here, and you won’t get a chance to come back!

Here’s the fun part, where all our education and experience synergizes into something special:

Our nightclub systems sound better because of what we learned in our production experience. Nothing gives you a better edge in club design than a lot of experience using the greatest light and audio systems on the planet. They have clarity and articulation. The speakers have to be in the right place, every show, every night.

Our House of Worship systems sound WAY better than most ‘church’ system contractors. Why?  Others can build systems, but don’t have the real-world experience to make ‘em sound great! Our House of Worship systems never go down, and always provide concert grade performance.

Our Production systems are superbly reliable!  You may only plan for a few hours of operation, but the show could go on all night!  Your equipment better be able to handle it.  And you say you want subwoofers? We’ve got the strongest subwoofers and amplifiers on the planet!

Our experience allows you to get the highest quality sound and performance from your equipment.


Low initial cost does not always mean you’re getting the best value. The initial price is just part of the picture. The value of our designs is in the reliability, functionality, and adaptability of the project, but more importantly, we provide a system that performs intuitively for you. So many contractors miss the mark today because they never really understand precisely what YOU need the system to do. Much of the value we bring lies in these details. There is a true art to engineering and design that provides added value to the Owner. If you feel that any technical contractor working for you doesn’t understand your final projected system solution, then you are already set to fail. With today’s technology, it is understanding that enables a talented engineer to create the highest value and most finely tuned systems. If you remember nothing else, remember this….

Invest with the contractor that listens…