A Letter From Our CEO

Dear Customer,

Thank you for allowing us to share our website and business philosophy with you.

Over the years we have watched our company grow. I feel fortunate to be a part of something so great. Our growth has afforded us new opportunities to continually add technological improvements to our systems as well as higher education and skilled personnel. We owe a debt of gratitude to our customers and employees, for without you both we would not exist. We are proud of our systems, appreciative of every long hard lesson, and consider ourselves experts in our field.

Let’s get something really straight. We are a middle to small-sized company in the world of professional entertainment services. We don’t even pretend to be a giant production or installation house, nor do we operate like one.  You are the vital component of our existence.

We, fortunately, have always sustained a steady growth pattern, but rest assured we will never be giant.

At Pro-Tech Services, you are a valued customer, and we humbly know our place.

Almost every system we’ve sold, or show we’ve produced, has sold another. Our customer’s colleagues, friends, and even competitors have often called to buy a system after they see the quality of our work. Our company is large enough to handle your project while adhering to a high industry standard and small enough to care and remember you when you call us back.

Getting a great price doesn’t mean a lack of quality. Our systems are manufactured to the highest industry standards. Our design and engineering staff work hard to ensure your new system will be produced accurately and cost-effective. Our design staff has the flexibility and control to manufacture to your special needs or requirements. We have built our business on repeat customers.

If you are unsure of what separates us from our competition, take a closer look at the details. We offer you a superior service at a great price. Our standard warranties are better than our competitor’s “upgraded” warranties. We offer more for less. it’s just that simple. Apples to apples, or pound for pound, save time, money and headaches with Pro-Tech Services, Inc.

Best Regards,
Steve Pizza, CEO

Pro-Tech Services, Inc.