Pro-Tech is ready to take your event production from idea to reality.

There are a million moving parts behind a big event – from the stars on stage under the lights to the security team and vendors – but when done right, a concert or event feels like just one thing: A good time.

Let our experience handling large events guide the way – We know what everyone needs, and we make sure everyone stays on the same page.  Our professional team is easy to work with, and we’ll make sure your event this year is bigger and better than it was last year.

Live Event Production Information | Concert Sound System Rental

Live Sound must have a personal touch!  We can help you identify how you’d like to make your event an unforgettable experience. ProTech sound and lighting produces an event where you will experience dynamic digitally processed JBL Vertec Line-Array speakers powered by tens of thousands of watts of crown and QSC power amplification. Whether the concert event requires traditional par can lighting or the latest in Martin yoke moving lights and LED digital lighting, Pro-Tech has the live gear to make your festival, concert, or multi-day event a success.

Festival Sound Systems

The crew at ProTech are experts on festival sound and festival stage production. With over 25 years of experience, ProTech has a long list of successful festival events where we provided our clients with multiple outdoor stages, lighting, and sound systems throughout Northwest Florida and the Southeast United States.

A successful event doesn’t just happen – ProTech makes it happen!


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